& Kalimotxo: a crew site

Welcome to Kalimotxo!

My name is Saddam and this is my crew site. Back in December of 2000, I opened Mist. Mist has been gone for some years now (though I forget exactly how many), but with the recent revival of the Petz community, I decided I wanted to show off my crew. Mist was always the whole package, so it didn't feel quite right to bring back the name for "just" a crew site. Hence, Kalimotxo!

This site features all of my crew. At last count, that was 549 cats and dogs.

None of the pets are available for adoption, but feel free to hit me up with breeding requests! You can mix and match from whichever categories you like -- then send the request to love(dot)esbjorn(at)gmail(dot)com or hit me up on Facebook.

Last update: 30 May, 2017